Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Memory Wire Wrap Bracelets

 turquoise, yak bone & metal beads $15
 turquoise & assorted glass, metal, stone beads $35
 amber, yak bone & assorted glass beads $25
 large focal folkart bead & various glass/metal beads $20
 b & w various glass/ceramic beads $15
 various black glass & metal beads $20

various blue shades ceramic/glass with metal beads $30

various glass/ceramic beads 7 wraps $30

various glass/ceramic beads 5 wraps $20

various shades of green - reclaimed glass/ceramic beads $20

various shades of blue w metal beads $25

various shades of blue ceramic/glass beads w/white $20

assorted glass/ceramic bead mix 8 wraps $40

for each bracelet $5 shipping


Anonymous said...

beautiful bracelets! will be back to order one ... once i decide.

Anonymous said...

love my bracelet Gail. wear it often and get lots of compliments on it.