Thursday, May 25, 2017


Here you will find my eclectic mix of boho earrings; bracelets;  pendants; artworks and links to free ebooks ... I welcome your comments and if you have any questions, please drop me an email: or

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 I honour Rebekah Joy Piett for these words:

 When you buy from an independent artist
you are buying more than just a painting
or a novel or a song. You are buying
hundreds of hours of experimentation
& thousands of failures. You are buying
days, weeks, months, years of frustration
& moments of pure joy. You are buying
nights of worry about paying the rent,
having enough money to eat, having
enough money to feed the children, the
birds, the dog. You aren’t just buying
a thing, you are buying a piece of heart,
part of a soul, a private moment in
someone’s life. Most importantly, you
are buying that artist more time to do
something they are truly passionate
about; something that makes all of the
above worth the fear & the doubt; something
that puts the life into living.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Boho Large Memory Wire Hoop Earrings - approx 2.5 inch diameter - all findings are hypo-allergenic

 white "pearl" w howlite cross $15

 orange Swarovski crystals $15
 howlite turquoise drop w lt blue glass beads $15
 lilac seed beads w Swarovski lt amethyst drop $15

coffee seed beads w topaz Swarovski crystals $15

beige tone mix w copper disks $15

ceramic ebony beads w Swarovski crystal $15

 gun metal beads w pewter cross drop $15

 lilac cubes w silvertone dragonfly drop $15

brown picasso mix $15

 pearl tone topaz seeds w Swarovski topaz crystal $15

 aurora borealis blue seeds w Swarovksi blue crystals $15

 matt black ceramic seed beads w ceramic focal drop $15

hematite $15
turquoise chips $15

baby blue square beads w turquoise skull $15

turquoise chips w matching skulls $15

turquoise beads/chips $15

white seed beads w carnelian beads & pewter cross bead $15

 white seed beads w carnelian stones $15

acrylic cubes w lilac seeds $15

baby blue beads w silvertone sun/moon charm $15

hematite & onyx w Swarovski crystal $15

ebony beads w reclaimed "borealis" crystals $15

turquoise chips & glass beads $15

 2 inch OVAL hoops with sky blue glass beads & howlite turquoise skull beads $15

for each pair add $5 shipping

Memory Wire Wrap Bracelets

 turquoise, yak bone & metal beads $15
 turquoise & assorted glass, metal, stone beads $35
 amber, yak bone & assorted glass beads $25
 large focal folkart bead & various glass/metal beads $20
 b & w various glass/ceramic beads $15
 various black glass & metal beads $20

various blue shades ceramic/glass with metal beads $30

various glass/ceramic beads 7 wraps $30

various glass/ceramic beads 5 wraps $20

various shades of green - reclaimed glass/ceramic beads $20

various shades of blue w metal beads $25

various shades of blue ceramic/glass beads w/white $20

assorted glass/ceramic bead mix 8 wraps $40

for each bracelet $5 shipping

Monday, January 16, 2017


Bone arrowhead adjustable hemp SOLD
VINTAGE Black Stone Choker $10
New Jade Heart Charm on Leather Cording - adjustable  SOLD

New Jade: It inspires and induces ambition toward the accomplishment of objectives. Element: Earth. Symbolic of  pure love, serenity, innocence and truthfulness. Traveler’s protection stone.

Quartz Crystal Heart on Silver Chain  SOLD

 Black Organza Ribbon Choker w/Quartz Crystal Heart Charm  SOLD

Quartz Crystal: Generator of energy. Sometimes called “The Ice of Eternity”.  Raises one’s vibration; balances auric field. Said to promote mental clarity. Can disperse light in any colour which connects to all Seven Chakras. Element: All.

Leather Cord w/Copper Patina Feather Charm - approx. 3 in long $12

Black Organza ribbon Choker with Heart Charm $9
Black Organza ribbon Choker with metal "silver" Heart Charm $9

Rose Quartz Heart Charm on Black Organza Ribbon - Choker SOLD

Rose Quartz: Stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Important stone for the heart chakra. Nurturing, comforting energy. Brings inner peace. Element: Air.

 3-Strand Hemp Cord Choker with Copper Leaf  SOLD

 Brown Leather Cording/Howlite Turquoise Drop $11

Shell-carved leaf on adjustable leather cord SOLD
Polymer Clay/Stone on leather cord $12

Sparkling Topaz on filament wire - choker $10

Topaz: A calming stone. Creativity. Hope. Love.  Individuality.  Balances emotions. Solar Plexus Chakra